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Time to Clean up our Act

Garbage Collection Notice
Due to numerous contraventions of the Garbage Collection and Disposal Bylaw 1-98, and the increased amount of garbage placed for collection, please be reminded of the following Bylaw restrictions which will be strictly enforced:

• The garbage collector shall not be responsible for picking up bags that weigh in excess of 13.6 kg (30 lbs). The Village of Barnwell garbage collector now carries a scale with him and if bags are in excess of the allowable weight, they will be left on the curbside for the homeowner to dispose of. (Recently there have been bags as heavy as 50 to 75 lbs)

• The garbage collector shall have the right to refuse to remove any garbage bags where the bag is dilapidated, torn, unsafe or unsanitary. Many bags that have been placed for pick up are of a very poor quality plastic and tear or break easily. If this is the case, the bags and garbage will be left on the curbside for the homeowner to dispose of. The garbage collector does not have time to spend shoveling garbage that falls out of cheap, torn or dilapidated garbage bags.

• All residential dwellings shall only be permitted to place three (3) garbage bags (no larger than 30” x 36”) for collection, unless a garbage tag (purchased at the Village office for $1.50/tag) has been placed on each extra bag. Garbage tags must be securely placed in a visible place for the garbage collector to see them. Extra bags placed for collection without tags will be picked up and the penalties listed below will be imposed.

• All owners or occupants of a property are to ensure that garbage is not allowed to spill over or accumulate on any land or street and to keep the front and the rear of their premises to the centre line of the street in a clean and tidy condition and free from refuse and garbage.

• Any contraventions of the Garbage Collection and Disposal Bylaw 1-98 will result in the following penalties which will be added to Utility bills:
First Offence $25.00
Second Offence $100.00
Third Offence $250.00

Thank you for your attention to this notice.