Utility Rate Changes for Barnwell Residents

Village of Barnwell Council has approved the following monthly Utility Services Fees effective January 1, 2024:

Fixed Charge WaterFixed Charge SewerConsumption Charge / m3
Barnwell Resident$50.00$26.00$1.30
MD of Taber Resident$75.00$40.00$1.60
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Change of Meeting Date

Regular Meeting of Council

Regular Meeting of Council has been moved to October 23, 2023 at 6pm.



The Village of Barnwell will be having the Sewer Line Mains flushed as part of annual maintenance commencing October 23, 2023. You may notice some sewer smell and noise in your home’s sewer lines.
To help alleviate any back splash in your toilets, please keep your toilet seat lids down, especially in the basement. The flushing should be completed in about a week. Thanks for your cooperation.

Unofficial Results from the Municipal By-Election – September 25, 2023

Alexander John ( Sandy) Watts – 54

Sam Fowler – 47

Del Bodnarek – 11

1 spoiled ballot

Voter turnout: 113

Barnwell By-election Candidate Profiles

As the Village of Barnwell gears up for the By-Election on September 25th, 2023, get to know the dedicated individuals vying for your vote. Explore their backgrounds, values, and visions here. Dive in, and make your choice an informed one.

For more information on the by-election, visit the Barnwell By-Election posting.

Del Bodnarek

Hello my name is Del Bodnarek, I have lived here in Barnwell since 1999.

I have had the fortune of raising all my children here in this warm safe community.

I have also had the privilege of serving on village council over 12 years, some of which were as mayor. Being on village council is a wonderful way to contribute to the community, and work with wonderful people.

I see our village as a great place to live which is a great community. I would like to work to continue fostering our growth in a responsible manner, growing our community, maintaining services, and maybe expanding them, while being aware that everything costs, and we have to be responsible to those paying their taxes for those services.

I also feel I was lucky to work with many wise people on council in the past who were all able to be wise and patient to listen to all points of view and work out solutions that best suited all our needs, hopefully you will see that I have that opportunity again 


Del Bodnarek

Sam Fowler

Sam has lived in the village with his family for 5 years. He completed his Doctorate of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, Australia and since moving to Barnwell he has been actively involved in the community, school, coaching multiple sports teams throughout the year as well as annually organizing the Fun Run for Barnwell Days.

Sam enjoys being part of a rural community and feels it is important to represent the wants and needs of each community member while on council.

Sandy Watts

As a retired Land Surveyor, I have had the privilege of traveling to every corner of this beautiful country of ours. I have seen icebergs in the North Atlantic, polar bears in the Arctic, vast rivers that carve through the Rockies, the enormous expanse of unbroken northern prairie, and vibrant cities, but it is the quiet beauty of the Village of Barnwell that, 12 years ago, compelled me to chose it as my home.

I’ve been a civil servant since I first picked up a shovel as a laborer on the Alaska Highway – a job I took to pay my way through art school. I was raised to believe in hard work, honesty, and service to others. As a professional surveyor I worked in private industry, Federal Public Works, and taught aspiring surveyors at Camosun College. Since moving to Barnwell, I served 8+ years on the Municipal Planning Commission, was fortunate to have been recognized as 2019 Citizen of The Year, and have co-founded the Oldman River Arts Club.

I believe that communities work best when we all work together. In order to do that, we need, open and transparent communications and decision-making. No more finding out about something after the fact.

As a pensioner, I expect every penny of my tax dollars to be respected. With your support, I will work hard to protect our tax dollars and explore practical and creative solutions to challenges. We may not always agree, but I will always give you my absolute best.

Development in our community has been stalled for a few years now. We don’t need a population or development boom, but we do need growth. With my background and approach, I believe I can help get us moving forward again. We need to respect tradition while planning for slow and steady growth. Let’s welcome new neighbors and build a bright future together.

I’d appreciate your support for Village Councilor.

New Recycling Option for Residents

After 13 years of service to Barnwell, The Curbside Recycler is closing shop as of August 31st, 2023. We thank them for the years of dedicated service to our community.

Regular recycle services will continue through August 25th, 2023 as set out on the calendar.

The Village will be delivering recycle carts on Friday August 18th, 2023 with the first pick up of those carts being September 1st, 2023.

GFL will be providing recycle services, in addition to the garbage services, starting on September 1, 2023 and will pick up recycle every two weeks. If you have the recycle schedule that was sent out for this year, it will be the pink dates from September through the rest of the year.

We will update our calendar on our website to reflect the new schedule.

Taber Police Service assisting with Village bylaw enforcement

Starting August 15th, 2023 you will start seeing the Taber Police Service in the Village. We have enlisted TPS to assist us with bylaw enforcement within the Village with their Community Standards Unit. The Taber Police also have the authority to enforce any provincial legislation as well as the Village Bylaws.

This does not replace the RCMP in this jurisdiction and they will continue to attend any complaints or issues that are called in as well as regular patrols, the TPS Unit is an addition to the RCMP.

We look forward to enhanced community safety and quality of life for our residents.

Job Opportunity – Public Works Operator

The Village of Barnwell is accepting applications for a Permanent Full-Time Public Works Operator position. Work directly with our Public Works Foreman and Assistant Foreman in this rewarding role. Responsibilities include infrastructure maintenance and facility operations. Join our dynamic team and make a difference in our community.

Apply today and be a part of Barnwell Village’s public works team!

For more information, visit our Job Opportunities page, or download the job posting [PDF].

Barnwell Days 2023 – A Weekend of Fun & Festivities!

Mark your calendars for July 14th and 15th, 2023, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend in Barnwell Village! Our vibrant community is gearing up to deliver two days of thrilling activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

Experience a heated Pickleball Tournament, a delightful Craft Sale, and captivating movie nights on Friday. On Saturday, enjoy an energetic Fun Run, a delicious breakfast, an enchanting Candy Parade, a vibrant Craft Sale, and a variety of entertaining activities. Dance, indulge in ice cream, and witness a mesmerizing fireworks display, creating the perfect grand finale for this unforgettable weekend.

For more information, please download our Barnwell Days 2023 flyer [PDF] and visit the Barnwell Days 2023 events page for more details on each event.

Public Meeting

The Village will be hosting a public information meeting for those that have agreements with SMRID for summer irrigation water. This meeting will address recent changes and options moving forward. Representatives from the St. Mary’s Irrigation district will be in attendance to provide information and answer questions.

Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 7pm in the Barnwell School band room.

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