Village Administration

Learn more about the Village of Barnwell’s administrative officials, who they are and how  to contact them.

The Village of Barnwell’s administrative team includes:

Wendy Bateman:

Wendy Bateman has been a lifelong resident of the Barnwell area and has been the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer since 1995. In this time she has witnessed many changes in administrative procedures and a significant downloading of responsibility from more senior levels of government. Over the years she has also watched the Village double its population while working with various members of the Village Council to effect policies in the best interests of all Barnwell residents.

Bateman is committed to ensuring the Village of Barnwell remains a viable, sustainable community — one where any investments made in property are secure. She encourages more residents to volunteer for committees and opportunities that come with living in a small community, which she believes is how small communities truly thrive. She also believes most residents of this Village and the surrounding community would agree with her in saying Barnwell is a “Great Place to Call Home.”


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