Cemetery Information

Here you will find information for the Village of Barnwell Cemetery. This will include plot prices, open/close fees, perpetual care fees and the Monument Permit.


Cemetery Plots
$110.00/resident, $220.00/non resident

Open/Close Weekday
$500.00/resident, $700/non resident

Open/Close Weekend or Holiday
$750.00/resident, $900.00/non resident

Perpetual Care Fee
$150.00/resident, $300.00/non resident

Open/Close Cremation Weekday
$125.00/resident, $250.00/non resident

Open/Close Cremation Weekend or Holiday
$225/resident, $400/non resident

Monument Permit ( see attached link)  cemetery-monument-permit

Barnwell Cemetery Map (see attached link) barnwell-cemetery-16

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