Utilities & Services

Find information on the utility services provided in the Village of Barnwell, who provides them, and how to access them.



The Village of Barnwell with the assistance of the Alberta Municipal Water/wastewater grant program, constructed a new Water Treatment Plant in 2006–07, located south of Highway 3 (93063-Rge. Rd. 174). It is a state-of-the-art Pall Membrane filtration system that produces high-quality water year-round. All residential water is metered with Neptune radio read water metres.

Bulk water is available at the Water Treatment Plant through a prepaid system. All bulk water users must set up and prepay for a bulk water account at the Village office.

Water Rates

  • Basic rate (Village residents): $36.00/month
  • Basic rate (MD residents): $56.00/month
  • Consumption rate (Village residents): $ .90/cubic metre
  • Consumption rate (MD residents): $1.25/ cubic metre
  • Bulk Water Station rate: $3.05/cubic metre


The Village sewer is treated with a lagoon system at the Village’s north end.

Sewer Rates

  • Basic rate (Village residents): $20/month
  • Basic rate (MD residents): $25/month


Electricity is delivered by Fortis Alberta. For electricity-related issues call 310-WIRE (310-9473) or 1-(855) 333-9473. You can also visit their website http://www.fortisalberta.com

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is delivered by ATCO Gas. For gas-related issues call (403) 310-5678.

Visit http://ucahelps.alberta.ca to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility rates issues. This website is an interactive resource that is helping consumers, especially vulnerable Albertans, make informed choices about their electricity and natural gas services. The website is mobile and tablet responsive and includes an interactive Cost Comparison Tool, list of energy retailers and searchable database that displays historic energy rates.



The Village contracts garbage pick-up for each household every Friday using the new garbage carts. All household garbage must be put in the garbage carts and the lids must be able to close. The garbage carts must be placed at the curb in front of the household on Friday mornings by 8:30 a.m. If there is a statutory holiday on the Friday, the garbage pick-up day will be the following business day, usually the following Monday.

Any excess garbage, or garbage that cannot fit into your garbage cart, may be taken to the Town of Taber Waste Transfer Station located West on 64th Avenue (Taber) and Highway 864. For more information contact (403) 223-5569. At the facility, all material to be dumped must be separated and disposed of in the appropriately marked locations. Applicable fees will be charged at the station.

Garbage Rate

  • Basic rate (all residents): $14.00/month


The Village encourages recycling and offers a curbside recycling program. Each household is given a blue bin and recycling directions. Recycling bins should be placed on the curb in front of the house on alternating Fridays for pick up. There is a calendar available at the Village office indicating the recycle pick up schedule for your residence.

Recycle Rate

  • Basic rate (Village residents): $10.00/month
  • Basic rate (MD residents): $10.00/month
Download Barnwell Recycling Sheet Ver 2.doc the Village of Barnwell.




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