Emergency Services

Stay connected and informed during emergencies with the Village of Barnwell’s comprehensive resources, including non-emergency contacts such as the RCMP and Poison Control Centre.

Non Emergency Contacts

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP):
    • (403) 223-4446 Non-Emergency
    • (403) 223-4447 Administration
  • Poison Control Centre: 1-800-332-1414
  • Barnwell Public Works at (403) 223-4018

Stay Informed

S.C.A.R. South Central Alberta Regional Notification System

The South Central Alberta Regional (SCAR) Notification System is a FREE, automated communication tool designed to deliver real-time, critical alerts and essential information to registrants by way of text, e-mail, and voice messaging.

Registering with the SCAR Notification System also allows you to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, upcoming events, emergency and weather alert messages affecting the region from Canada’s national emergency alerting system ­– Alert Ready.

Source: scarnotify.ca

Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued by the communities where a disaster or emergency is occurring. By signing up to receive this information directly, you will be better informed about potential risks to your health, safety or community. Source: Alberta Emergency Alert

Get Involved

Barnwell is proudly served by an effective and efficient crew of firefighters that protect our community. For more information on becoming a volunteer firefighter, visit their page.

Be Prepared

The Government of Canada provides information on emergency preparedness. Visit the site to learn more about preparing for emergencies.

Visit the Government of Alberta’s Hazard Preparedness site to learn how to identify and prepare for hazards you may encounter in the province.