Mayor’s Message

Find a welcome message from the Mayor of Barnwell.

Welcome to the Village of Barnwell website. As Mayor of Barnwell, I want to let you know what a great place our little Village is. My wife and I have lived here for just over 40 years, and we have raised all 6 of our children here.

It has been a joy to live amongst such community minded, caring, and friendly people. We have always felt safe here and have enjoyed good friends and great neighbors. We are fortunate to have so many individuals living here who strive to make Barnwell a better place to live. We want to do our part to aid in the overall growth and prosperity of this wonderful and prosperous area of Alberta.

Barnwell has grown so much since we moved here. It has been wonderful to watch that growth happen as you see individuals from diverse backgrounds and vocations come together and connect in families, church, school and community with common interests and a desire and willingness to work together to make this a caring, productive, and safe place for families and individuals to live and to grow. We have always loved how people care about each other and look out for each other. I would hope if you visited here you would feel welcome and would feel of our friendliness and if you live here, you would contribute to the friendly feeling of the community.

Barnwell is a great place to live and to be from. One of our most valuable exports is all the children raised here in this little caring community that we send all over the world to live and to contribute to other communities.

It has been almost two years now that we have been dealing with COVID-19, which has presented many challenges for individuals, families and for our community. However, the residents of Barnwell have shown great responsibility and respect for others as they have faced these challenges. It looks as if there will be ongoing challenges for a while yet, I am sure we are up to the challenge of seeing this through.

Barnwell is a great place to live, work, play and visit. We welcome you.

Thank you,
Kent Bullock
Mayor, Village of Barnwell

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