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Response to Drought Conditions 

As the public is likely aware, the province is experiencing drought conditions. While the Village of Barnwell currently has adequate water stored in our reservoirs, we are acting now to inform residents, given that the peak watering season nears, that drought conditions are expected to persist.

 Understanding the Severity and Our Reservoirs 

• Recent data and forecasts have indicated low levels of rainfall and depleted water sources across the region and province. This prolonged dry period has the potential to impact the Village’s water supply. 

  • Presently, Barnwell has a water reserve that will last for three months at current consumption rates. However, with the onset of spring, water usage typically increases with outdoor water use. 
  • We are collaborating with the St. Mary River Irrigation District (our water supplier), to ensure a steady water supply for our community now and in the future. 
  • There is no need to be alarmed, but we are asking residents to be informed and prepared should drought conditions persist. 

Actions the Municipality is Taking 

  • The Village is developing a comprehensive and evolving water management plan to address varying degrees of drought. This plan may include multiple levels of action and corresponding water restrictions, depending on and adjusting to conditions. The Village has also been in close contact with the province and will adhere to any requirements or restrictions imposed by the Provincial Government, if necessary. 
  • A new Water Conservation Bylaw was adopted at the April 22, 2024 Council Meeting. This modern bylaw is in line with those of other Alberta communities, enabling Barnwell to manage water scarcity effectively. 
  • It introduces three levels of water restrictions (Levels I, II, & III), with stricter rules at each level. We’ve created an easy-to-understand infographic to explain the implications of each restriction level. 

In the weeks ahead, we will share information on how the community can conserve water. We encourage everyone to engage with our communications and take the steps suggested, especially as we move into spring and water demand increases. The Village of Barnwell sincerely appreciates the public’s support. 

  • The Village of Barnwell is not yet calling for water restrictions, but we are asking the public for their help in reducing their water usage now and into the rest of 2024. 
  • If restrictions are implemented, the public will be notified at the time of enactment. 

Your Role is Crucial 

In response to the drought conditions, we urge all residents to: 

  1. Stay Informed Keep up with the latest information through the Village of Barnwell’s website ( Be careful of rumours or false information- only trust official Village sources of information for any current restriction information. 
  2. Conserve Water and Plan Ahead Every action to save water helps. Be conscious of your water use both outside and inside your home. Simple measures, such as taking shorter showers, using a rain barrel, repairing leaks, and opting for water-efficient appliances, can significantly reduce water consumption. Anticipate how a decrease in water availability could impact your daily life and prepare accordingly. You don’t need to hoard water: by everyone doing their part and using water wisely and saving it when you can, our reservoirs should maintain sufficient supply.
  3. Prepare for Restrictions If drought conditions persist, the Village might introduce water usage restrictions, such as limits on lawn watering, pool filling, and car washing. We will inform the community about any necessary restrictions if they are enacted. Alber ta is at risk of droughts and water shor tages. Everyone can help do their part . 


  • Drought Info: Return to the Village of Barnwell’s website for more information, tips on water conservation, and updates on the drought situation: 
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