Facilities & Parks

Here you’ll find information on the Village of Barnwell’s municipal facilities and parks, including locations, rates, hours of operation, and contact information.


The Barnwell Library provides residents with access to books, audio books, DVD’s and other materials from over 30 libraries within the Chinook Arch Regional Library system.  For more information on library hours and staff and the unique services provided by the Library, please visit the Library Page.


Kenneth P. Anderson Memorial Park

This park is located at 1304 – 1st Street West and has a baseball diamond designed for Youth (Little League) baseball. The park also has a playground facility.

Heritage Park

This park is located at 117 – 6 Avenue East. It is a beautiful park with an abundance of shade trees, a few picnic tables and benches. Heritage Park is the perfect place to sit and relax!

Willow Park

NOTE: Policy No. 02-21 Willow Park Facility and Equipment Rental is effective as of December 18, 2021. 

You are advised to read the policy and the rest of this page with care as there have been changes to our facility rental policy.  

Park rental inquiries may be directed to the Village office at 403-223-4018. Please note that you will be required to come to the office to fill out rental forms and pay fees. Payments are accepted in cash, cheque, or debit. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

Willow Park is located at 508 – 2nd Street West and may be rented for reunions or large gatherings. In addition to a large open pole barn with a pickleball sport surface, it also features a kitchen with ample counter space, sinks, stove, fridge, freezer, picnic tables, playground facility, and disc golf course.  

Willow Park Rental Fees
  • Rental of Willow Park includes exclusive use of the Kitchen, bathrooms on south side of Willow Park Place, concrete area, playground, the grassed area within Park limits, the Disc Golf Course and Horse Shoe Pits and the open Pole Barn (Pickleball Courts).
    • Full Day rental fee of $400.00
    • Part Day rental fee of $250.00 (Maximum of 4 hours)
    • Shoulder rentals (part day rental used for set-up or tear down that immediately precedes or follows a full day event rental):
      • Part day preceding: starts at 4PM and ends at 12AM (Midnight – see hours and noise guidelines. Note: the early start time of shoulder rentals for the day preceding the event are not part of the policy but are offered as a practical courtesy to event hosts.)
      • Part day following: starts at 8AM and ends at 12PM (Noon)
      • Shoulder rentals are assessed at the part day rental fee of $250 per part day
  • Rental of the Pickleball Courts is INCLUDED in the rental of Willow Park and may not be rented separately. 
  • Tables and Chairs are available to rent and may be booked prior to the day of the rental.
  • Damage Deposit is equal to the amount of the principal rental and must be paid at the time of booking.

Willow Park Rental Guidelines

All fees must be paid at the time of booking. The Village reserves the right to refuse payment by Cheque.

The Rental Agreement at Appendix A of Willow Park Facility and Equipment Rental Policy must be filled out and signed by the renter at time of booking.  Photo ID will be required at time of rental.

On the day(s) of rental of Willow Park, the Village will post a sign that it is rented, however, the Village staff will not be responsible for ensuring others do not enter the park. The renter has the right to ask the person(s) to leave and phone the police if they do not cooperate. This does not include authorized users of Willow Park Place.

Renters are required to clean the kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly and to leave the facility in a condition that is acceptable to the Village. This includes removal of decorations, supplies, equipment, and the disposal of garbage and recycling in bins provided.

Willow Park Noise and Hours

For the purposes of this policy, Willow Park hours of operation are deemed to be 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM Midnight.

There is no proviso to allow for additional time outside the dates/times of rental for set up and tear down of any decorations or equipment and any such activity must occur during the hours of rental.

Renters and their guests are subject to all relevant Bylaws within the Village, including, the Noise Bylaw.

Willow Park is adjacent to a residential area and sound from the park may pose a disturbance to those residents.  To mitigate the disturbance, renters are required to ensure that music, audio, and voices emitting from their guests or events are significantly lowered after 11:00 PM.

The 11:00 PM noise cut off notwithstanding, at any time Village of Barnwell staff or an official responding to a noise complaint find that an event is unreasonably loud, renters will be asked to reduce the level and may be fined under relevant Bylaws if they fail to respond.

Willow Park Damage Deposits, Cancellations, and Refunds

Damage Deposits

  • Willow Park: damage deposit is equal to amount of rental fees
  • Willow Park Place: damage deposit is $100 per event
  • Equipment: damage deposit is $100 per rental of tables and chairs if no facilities are rented. Damage deposit for equipment rentals are deemed included in facility damage deposits.
  • Damage Deposits from cancelled bookings may not be carried forward to future bookings.
  • Damage deposits will be returned after a thorough inspection of the facility and/or equipment has been conducted by Village staff.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Facility Rental Cancellation:
  • adequate notice: refund in full including damage deposit less a $25 booking fee
    • less than one week before rental date: refund 50% of the rental fee and 100% of the damage deposit.
    • less than two days before rental date: no refund of rental fee, but 100% of the damage deposit.
    • Inclement weather will not be accepted as a reason for cancellation of the event with less than two days’ notice.
    • Should the Village subsequently rent a facility on a date/time for which a cancellation was received, the original renter will be entitled to a full refund of rental fees regardless of when the cancellation occurred.
Equipment Rental

Barnwell has metal folding chairs and rectangular banquet tables available for rent on a daily basis.

  • Metal chairs (stack of 25) $25/day
  • Banquet tables (stack of 10) $30/day

Equipment Guidelines

All rental fees and damage deposit must be paid before rental.

Equipment will be stored in a separate shed for which the renter will be provided a key.

The Equipment Rental Agreement (Appendix B of Willow Park Facility and Equipment Rental Policy) must be filled out and signed by the renter at time of booking.  Photo ID will be required at time of rental.

Renter is responsible for retrieving, setting up, and putting away all equipment rented.  

Equipment will be inspected after rental and damage deposit will be refunded accordingly. Damage to the equipment includes but is not limited to; graffiti, dents, bends, breaks and stains.

Equipment Rental Cancellation:

Provided the Village receives notification of cancellation no later than one full business day prior to date and time of rental, all fees and damage deposits will be refunded. 

A re-stocking fee of 10% of rental fees will apply in all other cases and will be retained by the Village at time of issue of refund.


Keys will not be issued prior to receipt of a signed rental agreement and payment in full.

Keys must be picked up at the Village office on the day of the booking. Should the rental fall on a weekend, keys must be picked up by 4:30 the day prior, or the last working day prior to the booking.

Keys must be returned to the Village office no later than 11:59 AM the first working day after the rental.  Keys may be dropped in the mail slot on the front North-East corner of the Village Office.

Indemnity and Licensing

The Village of Barnwell will not be liable for any accident, injury or damage to personal items while renting either Willow Park, Willow Park Place or equipment.

The Renter must abide by all local Bylaws and Provincial and Federal Laws. The Renter is responsible to be aware of, and for strict compliance with, Alberta Health Services guidelines, Provincial Fire Code, and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission guidelines.

The Renter is responsible for obtaining and complying with any and all licensing required by provincial or federal statute.

The Renter is solely and fully responsible for replacement or repairs of any loss, theft, or damage to the facility or equipment rented during the term of the rental contract.

Barnwell Sponsored Event

“Barnwell Sponsored Event” means a community accessible event that the Village is organizing, hosting, or co-hosting with a charity or school. 

Sponsorship for Barnwell Sponsored Events will, as a minimum, mean that all fees associated with the rental of facilities and equipment will be provided free of charge or at a significantly reduced rate to the requesting organization or individual. 

Provision of this sponsorship opportunity is designed to facilitate and demonstrate the Village’s commitment to supporting its residents and fostering community engagement. Types of events that may be eligible for sponsorship include but are not limited to:

  • Barnwell Days
  • Farmers’ or Open-Air Markets
  • Fundraising events for registered charities
  • Events in support of ill, infirmed or indigent members of the community
  • Disaster recovery staging area
  • Community or school festival

For the purposes of this policy, administration may decide on a case-by-case basis if an event is eligible as a Barnwell Sponsored Event. Administration shall base this decision on applicability and benefit to the residents of the community and catchment area.

This designation shall not be extended to private, commercial, religious or political events or to organizations or events that are likely to reasonably offend residents of Barnwell. 

Application for Barnwell Sponsored Events must be made using the Application for Event Sponsorship at Appendix C at time of booking.

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice

Willow Park Place

Willow Park Place, formerly called the Old Library, has meeting rooms for rent on a limited basis.  Due to current public health restrictions and existing contracts, hourly rentals will be extremely limited.  

  • Daytime rate :(effective till 5:00pm) $55.00 /day
  • Evening rate:(effective after 5:00pm) $30.00/evening
  • Full Day rate: $80.00/day
  • Hourly rate: $15.00

A damage deposit of $100.00 will be required for all bookings. All fees must be paid at time of booking. This rental is for the old library building only. If wish to rent the park/kitchen, please refer to the information on Willow Park rental.

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice

Tro-Gym Fitness

Tro-Gym Fitness is located at the Barnwell School. Memberships and key fobs can be purchased at the School Library during regular library hours.

  • The cost is as follows:
  • 3 month – $135.00
  • 6 month – $250.00
  • 12 month -$450.00
  • key fob deposit -$15.00
  • drop in fee -$5.00

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