Licensing, Permits & Regulations

Here you’ll find information on a list of required licenses and permits in the Village of Barnwell, application rules and procedures, downloadable forms, and contact information.

Development Permits

In the Village of Barnwell a development permit is required for projects to be situated on a permanent foundation. The following documents are only applications for a development permit. Applications do not permit the start of any construction until such time as a notice of decision has been issued by the Development Authority.

Note: If approval has not been granted within 40 days of the date the application is deemed complete, the applicant has the right to file an appeal with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Municipal Engineering Standards

NOTE: We are currently reviewing our Engineering Standards and advise all developers, construction firms, and land owners considering construction, subdivision, or development to contact the Village Administrator at 403-223-4018 prior to commissioning architectural or engineering plans.

Click for a copy of current Village of Barnwell Engineering Standards.

Taber Irrigation District

Irrigation water services are available through most of Barnwell which result in TID easements through new and existing developments. As property owners, it is essential to be aware of existing easements on your property and the guidelines that restrict or permit development on your lot. Click here to see the guidelines for TID easement.

Fire Permits

No form currently available – please inquire at the Village office.

Dog License

Licensing Fees

Not neutered/spayed – $50.00 per dog/per annum

Neutered/spayed – 25.00 per dog/per annum

Dog control issues or questions should be directed to Don McCae, Bylaw Enforcement Officer, at (403) 223-4018.

Dog licenses can be applied for at the Village office and a dog fancier license are done by letter of request submitted to the Village of Barnwell.

Business License


Single Business, trades, occupations – $25.00 per annum Home Occupations – $25.00 per annum (This includes all businesses or business related activities operating within the Village of Barnwell limits.) All new businesses/home occupations must apply at the Village office for a license to operate.


All business, trade or occupation – $100.00/annum, $25.00/week or $10.00/day

Hawkers, pedlars – $10.00 per day


Fines may be issued for any unlicensed dogs or businesses.