Village History

Here, find information on the history of the Village of Barnwell including key historical dates, events and personalities.

The Village takes its name from the Barnwell family, a family with prairie roots and strong ties to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). But the Village was not always known as Barnwell, and the community came about its name in a rather roundabout fashion. In the late 19th century, a boxcar was located on a rail siding in what is now known as Barnwell. This boxcar served as a telegraph office for local settlers and the railroad that played such a significant role in community life. At the time the area was named Woodpecker. Shortly after, in 1908, the area was renamed Bountiful — in keeping with the local school district. When it was discovered there was already another community named Bountiful, a new name was needed and Barnwell became Barnwell.

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