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Taber RCMP Media Release

Taber RCMP have been made aware that people in the MD of Taber, especially in the communities of Barnwell, Grassy Lake and Purple Springs have been experiencing thefts from vehicles, sheds and garages and not calling RCMP. Citizens have advised that they don’t want to bother the RCMP, however Taber RCMP is reminding citizens that this is our job, RCMP are here to take complaints and look for evidence to solve the crimes that are occurring. The RCMP are unable to solve crimes that they do not know about.
If you do find yourself to be a victim of theft or break and enter please call the Taber RCMP on the 24-hour complaint line at 403-223-4446. This will allow RCMP to attend and collect any evidence on the scene. As well, RCMP can keep track of what is occurring in the area and when it is occurring. If someone is located that is committing the offences, they can be charged by the RCMP who have the knowledge of what is occurring, when and where. By telling the RCMP when a theft or break and enter occurs, you are helping the RCMP to do their jobs in a timely and thorough manner.
RCMP are finding that individuals are coming out into the rural area and committing property offences, such as break and enter and theft. Items of interest to these thieves include fuel, batteries, tools, money, and vehicles. Vehicles and fuel being stolen are then used to go throughout the MD and other counties and commit further crimes. Batteries and tools are being stolen to later sell or pawn for cash. RCMP are finding that criminals on occasion will attend the same property multiple times to continue to steal items.
To help protect yourself from property crime, Taber RCMP are asking those living in the MD to lock up vehicles, sheds, garage, fuel tanks and any other structure that contains property of value. Don’t leave your wallet, cell phone, vehicle or house keys or anything of value inside your vehicle for individuals to steal. Consider putting in a sort of surveillance system so that if anyone comes on to your property RCMP can obtain pictures of the individual(s) or vehicle(s) and use those to identify criminals. Surveillance systems can include something as simple as putting up trail cameras. Take an inventory of tools and other items of value that you own, including make, model and serial number. That way if you have items that are stolen you can provide RCMP with the information which makes recovering the item that much easier. RCMP can put stolen property and vehicles on a Canada wide data bank, once the items are located and the serial numbers ran on the data bank, RCMP can then return items once located to their rightful owner.
Taber RCMP are asking citizens of the MD of Taber to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles or people in their area. If you see someone who doesn’t belong in the area, please call our 24-hour complaint line at 403-223-4446. If there is a break and enter in progress occurring or someone’s life is being threatened call 9-1-1. Taber RCMP through calls from the public about suspicious vehicles and people have made arrests and laid charges for property crimes committed within the MD of Taber.

Constable Corinne OLIVER
Taber/Vauxhall RCMP