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New Walking/Bike lane along Heritage Road!

Along with all the changes occurring due to Covid-19, the Village is working on creating a safer and more direct route to the school from the north side of highway 3A. A walking/bike path will be painted on the west side of Heritage Road from 12th Ave W to the corner of Heritage Road and 7th Ave W. We recommend that the children that live in the north west of Barnwell to get themselves to school by using the pathway along 12th Ave and then the new pathway along Heritage that will connect with new and existing crosswalks all the way to the school. Please watch for new signage and painted lines on the road.

As the bussing system has had major changes to coincide with government regulations for social distancing, we anticipate that there will be an increased number of pedestrians as well as drivers on the road with school starting next week.

If you have school children that will be making their way to school on their own, please make sure to teach them how to properly cross the roads and the railway crossing. Let’s make this back to school time a safe one.