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Licenses 2017

License Renewal

All Village of Barnwell Dog and Business licenses expire as of December 31st, 2014.  Licenses may be purchased at the Village of Barnwell office, 612 Heritage Road at the following rates:


Dog Licenses

Not neutered/spayed – $50.00 per dog/per annum

Neutered/spayed – $25.00 per dog/per annum

Restricted dogs -$100.00 per dog/annum

Please keep your dog tags and be sure to put them on your dogs.

Business Licenses


Single business, trades, occupations – $25.00 per annum

Home Occupations – $25.00 per annum

(This includes all businesses or business related activities operating within the Village of Barnwell limits).  All new businesses/home occupations must apply at the Village office for a license to operate.


All business, trade or occupation – $100.00/annum, $25.00/week or $10.00/day.


Hawkers, peddlers – $10.00 per day

Fines may be issued for any unlicensed dogs or businesses.