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Is Your House Number Visible for Emergency Vehicles?

Is Your House Number Visible for Emergency Vehicles?
If you have an emergency at your home or business, will the fire department or ambulance be able to find you?? There are quite a few homes in the Village of Barnwell that do not have their house numbers displayed, and others that do, but they are barely visible. Do you even know what your house number is? The moment of an emergency is not the time to figure this out. For your safety, the Village mandates by bylaw that all home or business owners must display the number that is assigned to their building so that it can be clearly seen

If you have an emergency in your home you should dial 911 and state:
• Your name
• Your telephone number
• Your location
• Any other pertinent information asked for

It is also a great practice to have your full street address posted inside your home for the benefit of emergency situations.