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Fall Sewer Maintenance

Fall Sewer Maintenance
We will once again be cleaning out the sewer lines this fall, as part of the Village preventative maintenance program. Although no specific day has been determined, this project will be done in October/November. During this process you may hear gurgling sounds from pressure in the sewer line and it is important to make sure the lid is down on any basement toilets in the rare event that there is any back flow. We will inform you of this maintenance ahead of time by email or a notice posted in the Village Office.
Each year when we clean our sewer lines, we are noticing an increase in the amount of grease in our lines. Although fats, oils and greases may go down the sink easily when heated, they cool in the sewer lines, build up and cause blockages. This can cause extensive damage in, not only your own home, but many more homes down the street – an expense we should all try to avoid.
Facts about what should not be flushed or disposed of down your drain:
• Kleenex, paper towels or tissue paper – these products are designed to stay together when wet and absorb moisture so they take too long to break down
• Unused drugs or pharmaceuticals -they eventually get pumped into lakes, rivers or groundwater where people swim or it becomes someone else’s drinking water
• Disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons or applicators, wipes or other so called disposable products – if it says flushable, don’t believe it
• Corrosive substances, flammable or explosive liquids, automotive fluids
• Paints, stains, wood preservatives and other similar substances
This is not an exhaustive list, but the bottom line – use common sense – if it hasn’t caused your home drainage problems yet – beware – it soon will!!
We thank you for your cooperation.