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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

The Village of Barnwell is seeking an individual to serve as its Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). This individual should be a strong leader and have administrative experience.

Job Summary: As the administrative head of the Village, the CAO ensures that the policies and programs of the Village are implemented; advises and informs the Council on the operation and affairs of the Village; performs the duties and functions as well as exercises the powers assigned to a CAO by the Municipal Government Act and other enactments, or as assigned by council.

Responsible to: Village Council

General Responsibilities:
1. Promote the Village’s Mission and Values.
2. Participate in Village planning and policy development.
3. Plan, organize and manage the Village Office.
4. Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with staff, members of Council, and the public.
5. Recruit, select and train staff.
6. Prepare annual budget; control expenditures, optimize various revenue sources and ensure cost effective operations are implemented and maximized.
7. Maintain a high profile and public relations function in the community and province demonstrating a personal commitment to high values and principles.
8. Serve as an effective liaison with Community Organizations and Provincial and Local Governments.
9. Ensure workplace health and safety.
10. Demonstrate strong self-management skills and further personal development.
11. Undertake performance management reviews for direct reports at least annually (or more often as required).
12. Complete general administrative and special projects assigned.
13. Build a strong foundation to support sustainable growth.
14. Collaborate with regional partners.

1. Minimum of high school education with preference to secondary education and administrative experience.
2. Training and/or experience in municipal government, leadership or business administration is considered an asset.
3. Participation in, or completion of, or willing to complete the Certified Local Government Management Program or equivalent thereof.
4. Ability to provide strong futuristic leadership and strongly believe in the delegation of both authority and responsibility.
5. Strong management, analytical and interpretive skills with the ability to use tact, diplomacy and mature judgment.
6. Strong written and verbal skills.
7. Good organizational skills.
8. Good computer skills.
9. Must be willing to live in the Village of Barnwell.
10. Allow a Criminal Record and Credit/ID check to be done upon request.

This is a full-time position. Salary will be commensurate with education, training and experience. Employment benefits available.

Those interested in the position are asked to submit a resume as well as salary expectations to the Village of Barnwell before noon on Monday, October 28, 2019. Resumes may be emailed to: [email protected] or mailed to: Box 159, Barnwell, AB, T0K 0B0 or hand delivered. If you have any questions, please contact the village office at 403-223-4018 or by email.