Verl White

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I have been a Barnwell resident since 1987, the year I moved our family to this great community. One year prior to that, I purchased C & A Automotive, which you know as Verl’s Automotive. During my thirty-four years of living here, I have watched our village grow and prosper. We have welcomed many families from all walks of life, which has added greatly to the richness of our community.

I have also witnessed the addition of many wonderful amenities, for instance the water plant and other village infrastructures. The school has been upgraded, and the parks and recreation facilities have seen improvements.

From the sidelines I have watched other village council members determine the direction of this growth as I was neither allowed to cast my vote nor run for council. That changed in 2019. I am now a Canadian citizen and am ready to take a more active role in the village.

I am running for council because I want to help this great community of Barnwell grow, prosper and remain a wonderful place to raise families.

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