Shayla Anderson

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I grew up in Raymond Alberta.  I have always loved living in small communities, I can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else.  Being active has always been important to me.  I played rugby when I was younger, and now enjoy coaching the Taber High school team.  I am married to Joshua Anderson, who was raised here. He is now a Denturist and practises in Taber.  We have four children, Malin (11), Seviya (9), Corbin (7), and Haven (5).  I have always enjoyed baking, and have recently started my own business, Sugar Mama Baked Goods.  I love creating and sharing my talents through delicious goodies. 

I decided to run for council, because I’m not someone who sees a need, and doesn’t do anything about it. I want to be involved and contribute to my community. I want to better understand and learn how the village operates. I would love to see in what ways we can make our growing community continue to be a great place for young families to live, grow, and have fun. My focus in running would be to encourage development, improve infrastructure, and outdoor activities and amenities. 

I feel like I am a person that can empathize with other people and am open to hearing other points of view. I want to make Barnwell an even better place to live, so my kids can grow up, and want to come back. I believe I could bring a different perspective than council has had, and I think I would be a great asset. 

Those who know me well, know that I am an honest person, almost to a fault. I respect complete honesty, even when you feel like it might offend. For that reason, I am not easily offended. I want to know what you truly think. I want you to tell me the truth. I want to understand your point of view.  I don’t believe in half-truths or hiding things from the public. I am an open book and believe in transparency between council and the village residents. I look forward to an opportunity to serve my community and work with my fellow residents to make a difference.

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