Jake Hiebert

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I have built a number of homes here in Barnwell as a home builder, during this time it became obvious that this is a great place to raise our family. So my wife, Tina and I moved our family to Barnwell in 2015.

Since then, we have come to enjoy and appreciate the small town feel and quiet comfortable lifestyle.

My experiences in owning a construction company for 15 years and working in the trades has given me experience in working with different aspects of projects and taught me the importance of coordinating timelines and schedules.

I currently own and operate a financial services office in the Town of Taber. This has given me a unique understanding of finance, both on a personal level and in a corporate setting.

I believe that having raised 5 children with my wife Tina, running a construction business, and more recently, opening a successful financial office has given me the experience to serve this community.

As Counselor, I will strive to make this village the place where people want to raise their families, just like Tina and I did!

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