Debra Hansen

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Hello Village Residents. My Name is Debra Hansen. I am currently running for Village council. I have been a resident of this great place for 45 years and my husband Bob and I have raised our 5 children here. 

I have been involved with the village for many years. Currently serving as Deputy Mayor for the past 4 years and would especially like to participate and help this great community grow. I have been a big part of planning and assisting in the Barnwell celebration for a long time. My husband Bob and myself have been in charge of the Barnwell Celebration dance for as long as I can remember. 

I have enjoyed being involved on the Beautification committee, ordering our summer flowerpots and helping the summer staff with the hanging of those flower pots. The summer students and myself recently painted the Willow Park Place building as a beautification project. I was also involved with the planning and upgrade to Willow Park for the Pickle ball building. I have served on the Library board as a council member and also served on the Taber Housing committee for several years. I loved doing our newest park project with the lighting up of Christmas lights to Heritage Park last year. I have had the privilege of being involved with the last council, planning and making improvements to our village. I would like to continue to serve as a council member with continued enthusiasm for our Village Tradition:  A GREAT PLACE TO CALL HOME!  Thank you

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