We would like to give you a little update on recycling.

Please remember to use a blue bin for your recycling.
Flatten cardboard and box board and place under the bin.
Place tetra paks, plastic, glass, tin and aluminium containers in the blue bin.
Place all paper in a grocery bag and leaved untied, set in or beside the blue bin. You can also use clear bags so it can be seen what is in the bag.
Please remember no medical supplies, diapers, tissues or other such products.
If it is a windy day, make sure items are secured.

Please have recycling out by 9am no matter where you are located in the Village. Occasionally recycling will be picked up out of our regular order, but they will get everything in the end.

The reasons for being out of the usual order usually relate to getting larger than usual amounts and having to organize materials on the truck. We are getting more and more cardboard which takes up lots of room. This means they need to manage how they load the truck.

If you are unsure if an item is recyclable please call for clarification. IF IN DOUBT, KEEP IT OUT.
[email protected]

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