Notice of Public Hearing Proposed Bylaw No. 05-15 Off-Site Levy Amending Bylaw

The Village of Barnwell in the Province of Alberta hereby gives notice of its intention to consider Bylaw 05-15, being a bylaw for the purpose of amending Bylaw 05-09 which provides for the imposition of an off-site levy.

Therefore, take notice that a Public Hearing to consider the proposed Bylaw 05-15 will be held in the Barnwell Council Chambers at 6:00 pm on January 21, 2016.

And further take notice that anyone wishing to make a presentation regarding the proposed Bylaw should provide written comments to the Municipal Administrator no later than 12:00 noon on January 18, 2016. Council may hear from persons who did not indicate in writing to the Municipal Administrator their intention to make a submission.

Copies of the bylaw are available to the public for viewing during regular office hours and copies will be provided at cost.
Wendy Bateman, Municipal Administrator
Village of Barnwell, Box 159, Barnwell AB

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