Notice of Noise Disturbance

Although the Village does not allow the parking of ‘tractor trailers/semis/big rigs’ on the Village streets, it has been noted that drivers have chosen to park such trucks on their private driveway or lot. Please note the Village has a Noise Abatement By-Law which prohibits any unusual or unnecessary noise that is likely to disturb people in the neighbourhood. These trucks that are left running throughout the night or started up in the early morning hours would be considered as a disturbance under this bylaw. We are aware that truck engines of this size do take a considerable period of time to warm up, particularly in the winter months; however, residential areas are not suited for this type of activity. We have had many residential complaints of being awoken in the early morning hours, or unable to sleep due to the constant running of these diesel engines. Please park your trucks in a non-residential area if you must keep it running throughout the night between 10:00pm and 7:00 am

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