AXIA Fibre Optic Internet

Fibre Optic Internet to Barnwell?

Are you looking for a better Internet service?  The Village of Barnwell has recently learned that there may be a new internet option available for us….yes…real high speed fibre internet (wired-in internet with download speeds from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps).  Axia is actively looking to invest in small, rural communities in Alberta (like us) and deliver fibre internet to homes and businesses.  Why Axia?  Axia has already installed the Alberta Supernet in Alberta communities including the Village of Barnwell.  (Have you ever wondered what the small building is just north of the Village Office?  It is the Alberta Supernet building which is operated by Axia).  Learn more about Axia and their internet possibilities at .

In order to convince Axia that the Village of Barnwell is ready for their investment, We Need Your Help!!!  They require at least 30% of our population to express interest by completing the Pre-order form on their website at .  You don’t have to pay any money now, just let them know that there is a lot of interest from our community.  (Please note that when you go to this pre-order page you will need to enter your street address.  Immediately below where you enter your street address a box will come up “Can’t find your address?  Click here” .  Please click in the box and a form will come up for you to fill out and submit. )

The faster everyone orders, the faster the Village of Barnwell is likely to be added to Axia’s list and the faster you will have real high speed internet.  IT IS UP TO YOU!!

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