Modernized School Announced for Barnwell!

On January 27th, Honorable Rick McIver, Minister of Infrastructure, visited Barnwell with some very exciting news. He was here to announce that the Barnwell School will be one of the modernization projects that the Alberta Government will be funding over the next three years. This announcement was met with a lot of excitement and gratitude. Our growing Village has been waiting for this good news for many years. Finally, it is our time!

Later on that week, on January 30th, Barnwell School held its annual Cake Auction/Basketball Night. Cake auction night is the one fundraiser that the school does to offset the cost of the athletic program in the school.  This event has always been well supported and a lot of fun, but this year it exceeded all expectations. 21 cakes raffled and 10 cakes auctioned in a gym packed to overflowing. School spirit and love of the community rebounded through the gym as cake after cake was auctioned for hundreds of dollars each with the ultimate red velvet cake, with a pink ribbon on top, went for over $1500. It is not the amount of money raised but the feeling that you leave with, knowing that this is a community that cares, a community that you want to be a part.


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