Open Burning Bylaw Passed


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The Village of Barnwell Council has passed the “Open Burning Bylaw” which controls open burning within the Village. This bylaw, which is effective immediately, includes but is not limited to the following provisions: 

  • The only fires that are allowed within the Village are recreational fires that are burnt in a Fire Pit (constructed of non-combustible material, only .75 meters in height & at least 2 meters from any buildings or other combustible material), Outdoor Fire Place (an enclosed & permanently affixed fire receptacle with a permanently affixed chimney or flue, constructed of brick, rock or other masonry with a spark arrestor at the top of the flue, at least 3 meters from other structures) or Portable Fire receptacle (placed on non-combustible material, at least 2 meters from any structure)
  •  The following materials are prohibited for burning: treated or painted lumber; lumber products that contain glue or resin; wet or unseasoned wood; leaves, grass, brush or yard waste; garbage; rubber, tires or plastic; any animal carcass or part thereof
  •  No burning is allowed if wind conditions exceed 30 km/hour; between 12 o’clock midnight and 8:00 am
  •  Burning barrels/incinerators are no longer allowed within the Village of Barnwell
  •  Fireworks are prohibited except with written authorization from appropriate authorities.
  • Penalties for contravention of any provision of the bylaw are from $100 to $1,000.


If you currently have a burning barrel that you would like to dispose of, please call the Village Office and we will make arrangements with you to pick it up and dispose of it. Please make sure that the barrel has not been burned in for at least 3-4 weeks.


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