Home & Yard Clean-up, Fix-up, Paint-up

One of the reasons that the Village of Barnwell is a Great Place to Call Home is because of the beautiful and clean yards, gardens and homes that are so prevalent.  We thank all those residents who spend hours beautifying their yards and homes each spring adding to the overall beauty and value of the Village.   We encourage those of you who have not got around to the yard clean up, to take the time to do so.  There are many new homes that are working on the tedious task of the new landscaping and we appreciate that.

Village Council is currently updating the Nuisance and Unsitely property bylaw, which will include measures to remedy conditions  such as accumulation of refuse or waste products; neglected grass, plants, foliage; abandoned vehicles or equipment; lack of repair or maintenance to buildings.   If your property is in a poor state of repair with an accumulation of waste, please be proactive and see that all these conditions are remedied as soon as possible.

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