2011 at a glance of our Village

Once again another year has flown by but the Village continues to progress. New home construction has slowed, but the Village did issue 10 development permits this year for new homes which included a 3-plex and a 2-plex. Our Village census has shown that our population has grown by approximately 200 persons. Some of the major projects that we were able to complete were:

  • Much needed addition to Village shop
  • Sewage lagoon anaerobic cell clean-out ( a once in 20 year project)
  • Waterline upgrade and extension and street upgrade to 8th Ave. and 4th St. West (curbing and pavement to be completed in 2012)
  • Street crack & pothole repairs
  • Village office landscaping
  • Village website development (barnwell.ca)

We acknowledge the many volunteers that helped out in so many different ways throughout the year. It was because of volunteers that we have the parks cleaned, garbage picked up of the streets, the flower baskets hung, the office sprinkler system installed, fun filled Pioneer days. It was because of donations that we have sod at the office, that we had an amazing fireworks display. These are the reasons that our Village is unique from others, these are the reasons that our Village is truly “A Great Place to Call Home”.

With heartfelt appreciation for all the unacknowledged contributions to our community, we say THANK YOU and wish you all a wonderful Holiday season!’

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